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Welcome to the LiveAgent customer service webinar! Our specialists will guide you through our multi-channel help desk solution, which includes ticketing software, live chat, a built-in call center, and much more. We will help you with the setup and configuration of your account, as well as answer your most requested questions. Get to know LiveAgent’s customer care software with us and improve your customer service like many businesses around the world.

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LiveAgent webinars

In this webinar, we are going through the basics of LiveAgent dashboard, what are the most important features and settings you should look at first.

Streamlined communication transformed into tickets is the key feature of LiveAgent. Increase productivity by switching to LiveAgent.

Using live chat software or proactive chat invitations is a great way how to directly get in touch with customers, prospects or general audience, so they won’t get lost on your website.

Multi KB is the latest addition to customer portal ecosystem. With multiple knowledge bases you can separate knowledge according to a language, product or brand.

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Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

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Learn how to write the perfect Getting Started article templates for your knowledge base. The key? Concise, but informational.

Knowledge base: Getting started templates

Companies are creating knowledge bases to offer customers a self-service option for finding information. Studies show that customers prefer to look for information independently and are more likely to abandon a purchase if they can't find an answer quickly. LiveAgent offers templates for "Getting Started" knowledge base articles. Template 1 welcomes users and provides basic information about the product or service. Template 2 offers a search function and frequently asked questions. Template 3 suggests related articles and offers contact information for customer support. The "Getting Started" article should be concise, use simple language, and include information about the product or service, frequently asked questions, links to resources, and contact information for support.

Contextual help is a knowledge base of frequently asked questions. With this 'dictionary' is not necessary to contact support service on some occasions.

Contextual help

LiveAgent offers search widgets on websites that enable contextual help, suggesting knowledge base articles based on keywords the user types. This helps improve the customer experience and reduce submitted tickets. Contextual help provides necessary information directly in the interface to help the client overcome their problem. The system recognizes the user's location and suggests the best articles to address their needs. LiveAgent's search widgets provide contextual help on any site, based on keywords entered, drawing from the knowledge base.

Learn about the ways to improve your customer service at live events and create better customer connections right away.

How to use live events to enhance customer service

Live events are crucial for brands as they allow them to connect with their audience and experiment with alternative forms of retail. They provide an opportunity to research what consumers want and tailor output based on first-hand evidence and complaints. Customer service has changed, and effective customer service involves more than processing orders with a smile. The key to success at live events is preparation. Brands should know their products and have marketing materials, exclusive offers, and discount codes to hand. They should also use social media to test new deals before offering them at live events. While live events have many benefits, brands need to be prepared to become customer-facing businesses for the day, or risk harming their reputation.

Videos - Liveagent Webinar 2 Email Automation Sla

Videos - Liveagent Webinar 2 Email Automation Sla

The LiveAgent Webinar 2 discusses SLA automation rules, email organization, and automation departments and templates. It emphasizes the usefulness of departments for organizing tickets, setting up SLA automation, and running reports for multi-brands. The video also covers setting up email accounts and departments, adding agents to departments, and configuring email templates. A free account can be created, and there are related articles and webinars available. LiveAgent is a customer service software that offers various features and integrations, and a demo can be scheduled.

Are you wondering what makes LiveAgent a good choice for software development companies? Here are three reasons why the choose us.

Valuable in every single industry

LiveAgent is a highly rated help desk software for SMBs that aims to improve customer satisfaction through faster response times and reduced ticket volume. It offers a free trial and no setup fees with customer service available 24/7. LiveAgent can boost advocacy by creating a positive customer experience with its knowledge base and automated ticket routing. Overall, it is valuable for any industry looking for a better helpdesk software solution.

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