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We’ve been helping businesses across all industries improve their customer service since 2004. Over 150 million end users have entrusted us with their service operations because we know providing excellent customer service requires hard work. And that’s exactly why we’ve created LiveAgent– a software that does the hard work for you.

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Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

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Improving customer experience is crucial for sales and profitability. Building customer loyalty involves personalization, pacing communication, and great customer service through various channels. Videos discuss integrating pre and post-sale customer service, as well as the concept of the omnichannel customer experience.

How is your customer experience in between touchpoint?

Seamless communication across channels is essential for better customer service. Understanding customer needs and improving their experience leads to increased sales and profitability.

Are you looking for a free customer management software? Have a look at LiveAgent's benefits and find out if it suits you or sign up for a free account.

Looking for a free customer management software?

Create a free knowledge base with your branding to help customers find information on their own. LiveAgent offers free customer service software.

If you're looking for a free knowledge base, LiveAgent can hook you up with one free of charge. Have a look at our help desk and find out more.

Looking for a free knowledge base software?

Customize and style content with headings, colors, styles, and pictures using the practical WYSIWYG editor. Attach files to articles for improved customer communication. LiveAgent's knowledge base solution is a powerful tool, trusted by over 21,000 businesses, providing reliable customer support. Easily set up a knowledge base and provide fast answers to customer questions.

Get in touch with our vp of sales and discuss the possible partnership options. Use the contact button below to write directly to him and start the new journey.

Want to partner up?

The article provides contact information for customer support teams of various software programs, including Post Affiliate Pro and Vtiger. It also covers information about requesting proposals and job opportunities at a company. The text includes details about LiveAgent software, including demo, pricing, and features, as well as support options. Additionally, the article mentions the benefits and discounts available to employees and provides sales contacts for LiveAgent.

Explore a selection of the best help desk software on the market. Choose the ideal help desk software for your website and raise your customer service to the moon.

Help desk software

LiveAgent is highly recommended and praised for its effectiveness in improving customer service, communication, and support. It offers a cost-effective solution with great functionality and prompt support team. It empowers agents to provide better and faster support, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales. Since using LiveAgent, response time has improved by 60%.

Explore a selection of the best call center software on the market. Choose the ideal call center software for your website and raise your customer service to the moon.

Call center software

LiveAgent call center software offers a robust set of features, built-in ticketing and live chat, and excellent value for the price. It is highly rated and easy to set up and use. Avoid mistakes like insufficient staff training and not considering future scalability. Ask important questions during demo calls to ensure the software meets your needs.

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