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We’ve been helping businesses across all industries improve their customer service since 2004. Over 150 million end users have entrusted us with their service operations because we know providing excellent customer service requires hard work. And that’s exactly why we’ve created LiveAgent– a software that does the hard work for you.

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Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

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Get in touch with our vp of sales and discuss the possible partnership options. Use the contact button below to write directly to him and start the new journey.

Want to partner up?

The text discusses how to request a proposal or more information about software programs such as LiveAgent. It also provides contact details for various customer service teams, including Volusion's ecommerce solution and VICE media company. LiveRamp, a data connectivity platform, offers customer support through call center, social media, and self-service support. LiveAgent offers a multichannel contact center software solution with a focus on providing a seamless omni-channel customer experience, free trial, and 24/7 customer service.

How to contact Volusion's customer service via email, live chat support, phone number, social media support, and self-service support.

Volusion Help Desk Contacts

Volusion is an ecommerce solution that offers 24/7 support to entrepreneurs. They provide call center, social media, and self-service support channels. Contact can be made through their hotline, social media platforms, or by filling out a form. Volusion does not offer live chat support. For those who prefer call support, they can contact their helpline.

Collecting customers’ feedback is a critical piece in the conversion research puzzle. Read how to ask your customers questions to get feedback.

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The article discusses the importance of gathering customer feedback for improving products and services. It suggests five ways to collect feedback: surveys, feedback boxes, company review sites, QR codes, and reaching out directly. It emphasizes the need for short and insightful questions, providing multiple options for feedback, and not asking irrelevant or personal questions. The article recommends experimenting with different methods of collecting feedback to enhance the business.

LiveAgent is the #1 rated help desk software for small businesses in 2022. Get a free trial and grow your business right away!

Help desk software for small business

LiveAgent is a highly-rated help desk software for small businesses that can improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue. The service is fully customizable and scalable, with no setup fees, 24/7 customer service, and a 14-day free trial. Sign up with your company email to get a free 30-day trial.

A well-chosen customer support tool should streamline your workflow. Help desk automation optimizes the workflow by automating the ticket distribution.

What should you require from a customer support tool?

Businesses need to prioritize timely responses, seamless interactions, and smooth resolutions to offer great customer service. Customers expect omnichannel support, quick response times, and 24/7 availability. Investing in proactive technologies and making the overall experience more satisfying can improve customer experience. Companies can refer to over 20 resources, including books and podcasts, to improve customer service skills. Good customer service through software can differentiate a company from competitors, increase satisfaction, and lower costs. When hiring for customer support, employers should look for certain qualities and create a knowledge repository for agents. LiveAgent provides various features and integrations for customer service.

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