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We’ve been helping businesses across all industries improve their customer service since 2004. Over 150 million end users have entrusted us with their service operations because we know providing excellent customer service requires hard work. And that’s exactly why we’ve created LiveAgent– a software that does the hard work for you.

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Use our customer portal invitation email templates to notify your customers about the existence of your portal and the benefits of joining it.

Invitation email templates

To promote a customer portal, an efficient way is to email clients about its benefits and encourage them to join. An invitation email serves as a reminder informing clients about the availability of the portal. It's important because clients may not know about the platform's existence. Invitation email templates serve as a way to make it visually appealing and persuade recipients to create an account. Two follow-ups within a week are enough, but one should not be too pushy. Ideally, an invitation email should be sent after a few days or weeks after customers start using the product or service.

Hide your email address to avoid spam, generate more leads by having an easy way to get contacted by LiveAgent's feature - Contact forms. Read about it.

Contact forms

The given text provides contact information for Adform's customer service team, as well as information about LiveAgent's help desk contacts feature for storing essential information about customers. Adform offers digital marketing technology solutions and services for media agencies, advertisers, and publishers, with customer support available via email, phone, social media, and online tutorials. LiveAgent's highly recommended solution for managing customer support requests via different channels includes the ability to store custom contact fields such as gender, job position, IP address, and browser information, leading to better customer service and improved satisfaction.

Grow your solo and freelancing business with LiveAgent, the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020. Stay closer to your customers and help them faster with LiveAgent.

Help desk software for solopreneurs

LiveAgent is a help desk software that can be fully customized to fit your business needs. It offers a 14-day free trial with no setup fee or credit card required. Using LiveAgent can boost customer satisfaction by improving response times, generating more revenue, and increasing customer loyalty. It is rated as the #1 help desk software for SMB in 2020.

LiveAgent's free live chat software enables you to engage with and effectively convert website visitors into customers. Utilize the fastest chat widget.

Need a free live chat software?

LiveAgent is a free live chat software that allows businesses to connect with their customers within seconds. The software routes new incoming chats to the right team members and adapts chat availability with agent logins and logouts. LiveAgent saves time and erases customer service setbacks. According to Statista, 12% of Americans rate slow response times as their top frustration with customer service. Dimensional Research found that 72% of consumers view having to explain their problem to multiple people as poor customer service, while Microsoft reports that 72% of consumers expect agents to know their purchase history and previous engagements. LiveAgent is a highly-rated help desk software for SMBs offering a free live chat solution and unlimited ticket history.

Videos - Call Center Training Role Play For Credit Card Customer Service

Call Center Training | Role Play for Credit Card Customer Service

The given text highlights the importance of call center training in credit card customer service. The video depicts three scenarios involving a customer calling a credit card company, such as credit card activation and financial difficulties. Proper training ensures that agents have the necessary skills to handle various situations and comply with laws and regulations. Effective call center training leads to faster resolution times, fewer escalations, and more satisfied customers, which ultimately contributes to a positive business reputation.

Remote work is no longer perceived as a fad or scam. Actually, 56% of small business owners believe remote work positively influences productivity.

How to build a great remote customer service team

To create a successful remote customer service team, it's important to have a knowledge base, cloud-based project management tools, set clear KPIs, and foster communication and transparency. A knowledge base can streamline knowledge management for remote workers, while a project management tool can help keep client inquiries separate from other communication. Setting clear KPIs and monitoring them can help keep remote workers motivated and on track, and fostering communication can help build a sense of teamwork among the team. Tools like EveryTimeZone or can help overcome time-zone challenges, and regularly scheduled meetings can help build connections within the team.

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