Help Desk Software

  • Help Desk vs Service Desk

    Is there a clear distinction between help desks and service desks? As the information technology field rapidly expanded throughout the early 2000s, and most of IT professionals were new to the industry and failed to recognize the difference between ‘help desk’ and ‘service desk’ – the who terms were very often used interchangeably.


  • Help Desk Description

    The use of help desk software is becoming increasingly popular in many industries these days. No wonder the market for global help desk automation is expected to reach USD 11 billion by 2023, according to Market Research Future. Both large and small businesses have come to realize the numerous benefits the tool can provide in terms of improved customer service experience, increased customer satisfaction and support agent productivity. The following article is a quick introduction to help desk software, including help desk definition, history and major advantages for businesses.


  • Help Desk Best Practices

    Every day a huge number of businesses, both large and small, in nearly any industry rely on help desk software to track and solve customer issues. The way help desk is implemented and managed ultimately determines whether an organization is able to effectively handle customer service operations, timely address customer queries and deliver a seamless support experience today’s consumers are looking for.


  • Parts of Help Desk Software

    While there are dozens of help desk software solutions available on the market today – ranging from simple tools with basic set of features to advanced systems – the majority of them commonly share three fundamental parts: ticket management, automation suite and analytics. Furthermore, many help desk software vendors provide additional capabilities such as built-in self-service options, multiple contact channels, CRM integration, sophisticated reporting, collaboration tools and more. Choosing the right help desk software depends on your business needs, specific requirements and the budget.


  • Help Desk Software Requirements

    Since every business has its unique goals, customer service strategy, capabilities and budget resources, the requirements for help desk software may significantly vary. The choice of the help desk tool also greatly depends on the type and the size of a business, and the complexity of its customer support process. While some systems include a very basic feature set and may appeal only to a certain small market segment, others are packed with an impressive array of features and advanced functionality that can be suited to every market’s needs.


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