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  • Call Center Setup – Design & Structure

    Setting up a call center for your business today involves much more than simply allocating a room full of phones and agents to answer them. An effective call center that contributes to your company’s bottom line will require a blend of many important components while building it needs research, thorough planning, technology, execution, and measurement. … Read More


  • BONUS: Call Center Audit Checklist

    An effective call center has specific measurable performance criteria, certain established processes, workflows, procedures and guidelines for agents to follow. To ensure a call center consistently remains fully optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, it’s essential to conduct a periodic call center audit. The goal of an audit is to get a full view of … Read More


  • Inbound vs Outbound Call Center

    When it comes to call centers, there are basically two types – inbound and outbound call centers – both using advanced software to improve the efficiency of operations and maximize the effectiveness and productivity of the agents working in a call center.


  • What is Contact Center

    ay’s digitally savvy consumers typically use an array of channels to connect with brands. That is why many businesses across the globe and throughout various industries have adopted contact center solutions to meet the growing need for dynamic customer requirements. In fact, the global contact center software market was valued at USD 16.28 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach USD 47.76 billion by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc.


  • What is Call Center/Phone Center Software?

    Despite the increasingly growing popularity of self-service, live chat and social media support channels, phone still remains a preferred method of communication with businesses for a considerable number of consumers from all demographics. In fact, according to the Microsoft’s survey, 39% of consumers prefer support via phone or another voice channel. The eMarketer Ecommerce Insights Report conducted by Bizrate Insights also revealed that 31.9% of respondents prefer to talk to a customer representative over the phone. While the latest report from BrightLocal found that as many as 60% of customers prefer to call when contacting a local business.


  • Call Center Compliance

    A call center software is a product that is meant to take care of the business phone conversations, and that is what we specialize in at LiveAgent. It is possible to use the software to perform outgoing calls, attend incoming calls, track various parameters about each call, and provide automated scripts for the team. Even with the presence of different communication channels like live chat and social media, the phone remains an integral part of business communication. Yet, there are a couple of challenges that are associated with the call center software and every user needs to be aware of the same.


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