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What is Avelia?

For nearly 20 years, Avelia has been a telecom operator specializing in companies, offering them tailor-made solutions adapted to their needs. Close to its customers with whom it maintains privileged relationships by being their one-stop shop, Avelia’s solutions cover the entire telecom perimeter: fixed telephony, mobile, internet, fiber, security, softphone etc. A single point of contact for all telecom solutions means :

  • the assurance that the files are taken in hand, and that no one passes the buck in case of a problem
  • the certainty of making savings
  • the possibility to choose your network in all transparency (Avelia works with all operators)

Avelia has surrounded itself with the best partners to face the challenges of the next decade: security, SD WAN, telework… Click on this link to find out more about Avelia:

How can you use it?

If you’re looking for a VoIP provider to connect with your LiveAgent call center, Avelia is a great choice. LiveAgent’s call center will handle your calls and tickets, while Avelia will provide the rest. Laptop or smartphone microphones and speakers are everything you need to establish a starter call center. You might require other hardware if you want to improve your call quality later on.

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How can you benefit from a LiveAgent call center?

Even though some people prefer digital customer experiences, others crave a deeper personal connection with the brands they interact with. Call centers are a great way to improve your customer relationships, sell products, gain new customers and service users, or provide general customer services.

With the fall of traditional call centers and the rise of call center software like LiveAgent, it’s easy to provide these types of experiences for your customers without breaking the bank. Call centers are now accessible to all types of businesses, big or small.

How does the LiveAgent call center work?

LiveAgent makes managing and running a call center easier for businesses with the help of its advanced features. For example, you can create custom IVR (Interactive Voice Response) trees, that will automatically route your customers to the right departments and agents.

The best part? LiveAgent’s IVR feature does all the work and creates a hassle-free experience for your customers. All they have to do is listen to the IVR menu, and press the appropriate dial pad key (like press 1 for sales) to be connected with the right person for the job.

Call center with IVR

Did your customer connect to the wrong department by accident? The solution is simple, use call transfers to route the customer to one of your colleagues and save their time.

Have a hard time remembering what your customers said? No worries, LiveAgent records all incoming and outgoing calls and stores them inside the system. If you need to refresh your memory, simply locate the ticket and listen to the full call recording. Call recording can also be used for training new agents and showing them the correct responses to customer calls. 

Want more information about our call center’s features? Check out our Call Center feature page that has all the information about LiveAgent’s call center capabilities.

How to integrate Avelia VoIP with LiveAgent?

If you want to create your LiveAgent call center with Avelia as your VoIP provider, follow this simple guide.

  • Open LiveAgent and go to Configuration > Call > Numbers. Click on the orange Create button at the top. 
  • Select Avelia from the list of VoIP providers.
Select Avelia as a VoIP provider in LiveAgent call settings
Select Avelia
  • Name the number, select a department, enter your login details and select your dial-out prefix number. You can also check or uncheck the option to record all phone calls received and made from this number. When you want to finish, click the Add button at the bottom.
Configure the Avelia number in LiveAgent
Configure Avelia phone number

The phone number is in LiveAgent and ready for use. If you prefer, you can add more Avelia phone numbers or add numbers from other VoIP providers.

Avelia phone number is in LiveAgent and ready to be used in call center
Avelia phone number added

Get more information about LiveAgent Call Center software

Are you looking for more information about establishing and running a call center? If you’re interested have a look at the LiveAgent academy for more information regarding call centers and other topics from the world of customer support.

Curious about what else can LiveAgent do? Check out the video below to see the full tour of our customer support software.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Avelia?

Avelia is a VoIP service provider with standard call services. Take care of call management, messaging, conference calls, or call forwarding with Avelia and LiveAgent.

Can I integrate Avelia with LiveAgent?

Avelia is one of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers available and supported by LiveAgent. You can set up your call center with Avelia as your main provider if that's your preference.

Is Avelia integration free?

You don't have to pay extra with the All-Inclusive LiveAgent plan and you can set up an Avelia VoIP powered call center in LiveAgent right away.

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