Subscribe and unsubscribe contacts to your email lists directly in LiveAgent.


What is GetResponse ?

GetResponse is a web-based email marketing service. It allows scheduled email messages (called sequential autoresponders) and automate the follow-up process when new leads are added. You can deliver newsletters, and easily manage customers in one easy-to-use interface. GetResponse has been one of the more popular autoresponder services since launched by Simon Grabowski in 1998.

How it works ?

Start adding your contacts to GetResponse email campaigns directly in LiveAgent. In order to avoid sending spam emails, an opt-in email is sent when subscribing a contact. (Subscription must be confirmed by the contact).


Mr. Marsellus Wallace is a very active and curious customer. You want to keep him up-to-date with everything regarding LiveAgent. By activating GetResponse plugin, you can subscribe him to any of your current email campaigns. Mr. Wallace will get an opt-in email and confirm his subscription. Now you can start sending him any email content through GetResponse.

GetResponse Integration
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How to integrate GetResponse with LiveAgent ?

First, you need to have an active GetResponse account. If you do, activate GetResponse plugin in the LiveAgent Plugins section. Hit configure and copy your GetResponse's API. Confirm and start subscribing !

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