Knowledge base

Create categories in your Customer portal based on your products, services, or types of customers. Add knowledge base articles, Forums, or feedback boards. Create knowledge base search widgets and provide customers with easy access to your knowledge base articles. Search widgets are customizable, and can be placed anywhere in your knowledge base pages.

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Choose a theme of your Customer Portal from predefined templates or create a new one with custom css and HTML. Add your own logo, title, tracking codes, header, and footer. Our free knowledge base software makes creating knowledge-based content that agents and customers can use easy.


4 predefined themes:

  • Classic
  • Material
  • Minimalist
  • Montana

You can customize colors of:

  • Header
  • Main action button
  • Main action button – Hover
  • Secondary action button
  • Secondary action button – Hover
  • Right box
  • Category icon
  • Article icon
  • Item color
  • Title color
Knowledgebase customization

Different content for Agents and customers

You can add separate articles and categories to your help desk knowledge base software that are not accessible to your customers, but can be seen only by the agents (internal articles, categories).


Knowledgebase resources

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Create multiple self-service portals

Have multiple brands or products that you manage with LiveAgent? No problem, create a unique customer portal for each! Try it today. No credit card required.

A customer list can be a list of your of previous or current buyers, and also can be used for promotion or to keep up with customers. Learn more.

Customer lists

The TEXT provides a list of 48 checklists for business needs such as call center, customer service, HR, marketing, and SEO, designed to help businesses organize workflows efficiently. Customer information is explained as data collected by companies to improve customer support and stored in a database like LiveAgent. The customer service checklist outlines steps for excellent customer service and LiveAgent offers resources to improve customer information management. The TEXT also includes information about LiveAgent's demo, pricing, features, integrations, and support.

Learn how to write the perfect Getting Started article templates for your knowledge base. The key? Concise, but informational.

Knowledge base: Getting started templates

Companies are creating knowledge bases to offer customers a self-service option for finding information. Studies show that customers prefer to look for information independently and are more likely to abandon a purchase if they can't find an answer quickly. LiveAgent offers templates for "Getting Started" knowledge base articles. Template 1 welcomes users and provides basic information about the product or service. Template 2 offers a search function and frequently asked questions. Template 3 suggests related articles and offers contact information for customer support. The "Getting Started" article should be concise, use simple language, and include information about the product or service, frequently asked questions, links to resources, and contact information for support.

Building a knowledgebase and don't know how to get started? Use our ready-made FAQ templates for billing, general inquiries, and more!

FAQ page templates

Having a comprehensive FAQ page is a must-have for businesses as it provides self-service options for consumers and saves employees time. Creating an efficient FAQ page involves listing commonly asked questions, organizing and categorizing them logically, keeping answers short and linking to relevant resources, and maintaining and updating the content regularly. Different sections can be included based on the type of business and target audience, covering a variety of topics such as general information, orders, accounts, payment, shipping, returns/refunds, and security. FAQ pages are effective in generating traffic, creating product awareness, and improving knowledge base.

The WordPress SEO checklist will help you reach the best positions on google and increase organic traffic on your blog page. Ultimate point-by-point guide.

WordPress SEO checklist

This text provides a comprehensive WordPress SEO checklist for proper website optimization. The checklist covers various topics such as hosting, domain, XML sitemap, keyword research, visual contents, and social signals. The article emphasizes the importance of SEO in ranking higher in search engine result pages and provides tips for beginners and experts. The text also advises on selecting a suitable domain name and hosting service that meets WordPress SEO requirements. Overall, the checklist serves as a guide for optimizing a WordPress site for search engines.

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