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All your favourite call center features are now directly built into LiveAgent. No need to rely on external 3rd party solutions as everything is neatly integrated in order to provide you the true, consistent multi-channel help desk experience. Simple installation meets the accessibility, user friendly UI and great amount of features.



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Happy customers

Take a look on how LiveAgent looks inside.

Call center software is only one part of a complex solution

  • With LiveAgent you can connect unlimited amount of numbers and route them to the specific department, so the right agents can answer the right questions. Routing is automatic and based on your rules.
  • 99%+ VoIP providers support LiveAgent's call center. Find your favourite one and simply "plug in" the number and start answering the request via phone.
  • The "Edit" button opens up settings tied to that number. Deploying IVR to your installation makes the job of your agents much easier, since customers can quickly select the specific topic they want to discuss.
LiveAgent Ticket Feature
  • Call center is the third key component of LiveAgent, our multi channel help desk. This solution gives you the ability to connect different types of softphones and regular hardware phones.
  • LiveAgent's call center is set up in a matter of minutes after which you can accept phone calls from all over the world - regular phone calls, PC-to-PC calls or combination of these two.
  • Simultaneously Chat with your customers, no need to spell anything over the phone anymore. Your conversations and Chats will be kept in one Ticket.
  • Reports show you detailed overview of the calls, slots and queue for the selected time frame. See how many calls happened and how quickly your agents responded to them.
  • Quickly select the additional reports, which will give you even powerful insights to the performance of your customer support department.
  • LiveAgent also supports video calls without the need to rely on any externall 3rd party solution. See your customers face-to-face and provide even better customer support.

LiveAgent se conecta con más del 99 % de los proveedores de VoIP

Problem Slow customer support

Customers want to have personalized approach the moment they start the call or live chat. In fact more than 63% of customers expect the companies to provide fast, on point and quick answer with zero repeats or any kind of mistakes. Losing the existing customer is much worse situation for all of the companies than acquiring new one. Personalized customer support has a huge impact on the health of your business.

Solution Voice support

Offer branded or localized experience with specific welcome messages for different brands, departments, and phone numbers. Your customers will select the specific issue they want to tackle on the phone call, which saves time and resources on both sides. Easily connect them with specific department thanks to integrated voice response (IVR) in your LiveAgent installation and provide class-leading customer support.

All-in-one call center software


Cloud Based Call Center Software

LiveAgent gives you endless possibilities to provide a seamless customer experience over email, chat, and phone. Now, with a built in call center.


Connect your VoIP Provider

Choose from pre-made integrations or let us connect LiveAgent with your SIP provider for free.


Receive calls from your website

Place a "Call us" button on your website and start receiving calls right away.


Make unlimited internal calls

Your colleagues are in a different office and Slack is not effective enough? Call them, with no limits.


Outbound calls and follow ups

Connect with your customers with outbound or follow up calls.


Inbound and Outbound calling

Receive unlimited inbound calls from customers and enjoy unlimited voice recordings. Follow up or provide proactive support with outbound calls.

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 Llamadas entrantes y salientes

Reciba llamadas entrantes ilimitadas de los clientes. Haga un seguimiento o brinde soporte proactivo con llamadas salientes.

 Llamadas entrantes y salientes

Reciba llamadas entrantes ilimitadas de los clientes. Haga un seguimiento o brinde soporte proactivo con llamadas salientes.

 Llamadas entrantes y salientes

Reciba llamadas entrantes ilimitadas de los clientes. Haga un seguimiento o brinde soporte proactivo con llamadas salientes.

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Why LiveAgent call center software?

  • Easy installation & lifetime updates
  • Unlimited storage for call recordings
  • Free internal calls within departments
  • 99%+ of supported VoIP partners
  • Support for wide range of devices
  • Low monthly fee and no extra charges

Simple Pricing, Immediate ROI

Ticket Plan

  • Custom Domain
  • E-mail support
  • Contact Forms
  • Forum & Knowledge Base
  • Mobile App

$15 / agent per month

Chat Plan

  • + Ticket Plan
  • Live Chat
  • Visitors Monitoring
  • Chat Invitations
  • Feedback Management

$29 / agent per month

All inclusive Plan

  • + Chat Plan
  • Call Support
  • Video Call
  • Time Tracking
  • Gamification

$39 / agent per month

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