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Are you tired of boring Ticketing software? So are we.
With LiveAgent, your emails, chats, calls, social media mentions and other channels will end up in one universal inbox and with the help of advanced automation, rules and integrations your customer service nightmare will end with the simple click of the "Start now" button.

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Yamaha uses LiveAgent ticketing software to support their music instrument customers in Australia Orange, a Telco operator uses LiveAgent ticketing software to support customers in their online store Ticketing software from LiveAgent is used by Huawei, one of the China’s smartphone giants
Airbus is a proud LiveAgent ticketing software customer BMW helps their website visitors with LiveAgent ticketing software eSky sells more flight tickets thanks to LiveAgent ticketing software

Happy customers

Creación de tiques e interfaz intuitiva

El software de asistencia técnica LiveAgent está creado por agentes de atención al cliente para agentes de atención al cliente. Cada forma de comunicación entrante se convierte en tiques para una mayor comodidad y una gestión mejorada. La IU es adaptable, intuitiva y le encanta a los usuarios.

“LiveAgent es muy fácil de usar tanto por el cliente como por el agente”. Paul Sanders

¿Por qué LiveAgent?

  • Consigue tres productos por el precio de un: servicio de asistencia técnica, chat en directo y asistencia telefónica integrados
  • Recibe, procesa y responde a las preguntas de los clientes con facilidad
  • Automatiza la atención al cliente y proporciona respuestas incluso estando sin conexión
  • Mantente más cerca de tus clientes con el software de chat en directo integrado
  • Escucha en cualquier lugar donde sea posible: correo electrónico, voz, redes sociales o chat
  • Equipa a tus agentes de asistencia técnica con respuestas ya hechas y mensajes preparados
  • Mejora las relaciones con tus clientes

Portal del cliente con base de información y foro

El 70 % de los clientes prefiere buscar respuestas antes de contactar con atención al cliente. Configura un portal del cliente con solo unos clics, crea una base de conocimiento y adáptala al diseño de tu empresa sin tener que programar. Crea un foro para que tus clientes puedan servirse por sí mismos y hablar de las nuevas funcionalidades o hacer sugerencias de mejoras.

Proporciona respuestas incluso estando sin conexión

Deja que tus clientes se ayuden a sí mismos

Escoge entre temas predefinidos o adapta el diseño con unos pocos clics

Inside look on LiveAgent Ticketing Software

What’s under the hood of the most reviewed and highest rated ticketing software? Take a look below.

LiveAgent help desk Ticketing software Feature
  • Use departments and tags for segmentation and distribution and assignment of tickets.
  • Use the extended customer information view to quickly gather information about the customer you are communicating with and access multiple integrations with other apps.
  • Ticket thread lets you see all communication with a customer even if it started from a different channel like chat and continued with email.
  • Quick Action Buttons help you easily transfer and postpone tickets as well as add notes, and other actions.
Ticketing software with live chat
  • The Left navigation panel lets you quickly navigate across the chat dashboard. You can check all active chats, availability per agent or access settings of chat buttons.
  • After Live Chat is initiated, you can see details of the customer chatting with you, like the page where chat was initiated, IP address, or previous communication.
  • Thanks to our real-time typing view you are able to see what customer type even before they click "send". You can prepare your answers and amaze them with lightning-speed service.
LiveAgent is not just ticketing software but call center as well
  • Similar to live chat overview, call center offers left panel that will help you navigate inside dashboard in 1 click.
  • Call history offers list of all incoming and outgoing calls from LiveAgent with full-text search.
  • Action button lets you open a specific call ticket so you can access call recordings and the whole ticket thread.
Ticketing software with advanced reporting
  • Reports are a popular part of LiveAgent. They help you to see department statistics, so you can get a quick overview of what's happening in your helpdesk.
  • Inside the dashboard, you can see your online/offline agents and even initiate an internal chat with them!
  • With Personal statistics you can see performance your own individual metrics like time logged in or tickets answered.
  • Leaderboards are a part of gamification. They make daily work more fun and help to push performance of individual agents as they can compare their performance.

All-in-one ticketing software


Help Desk collaboration

Let your customer service agents help each other and answer tickets faster with multiple collaboration enhancing features


Higher spend

According to reasearch, satisfied customers are tend to spend more


Help desk on the go

Do you spend a lot of time on the go? LiveAgent offers both iOS and Android native apps


Clever ticket routing

LiveAgent automatically selects the most appropriate agent based on SLA priorities


Email ticketing

Smart email ticketing and distribution makes sure no email ever gets lost or answered twice

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Seamless Ticketing Distribution

Make sure your customer service Agents always have their optimal load. Define how many Tickets, Chats, and Phone calls they can handle. Automatically rotate phone duty, set pause times and let them rest when they need it.

Assign Tickets at any stage in their life to individual Agents or whole Departments. Set your own Rules and criteria for Ticket distribution based on Ticket parameters, events, or time-­based conditions. 

Ticket Ownership, Responsibility & Transferring

With LiveAgent, you can easily manage ticket responsibilities. Change the ownership of a Ticket to a different Department or even an individual Agent. Always know who is responsible for solving each Ticket. Never hear that "I didn't know it was my responsibility" again.

LiveAgent offers intelligent automated ticketing software distribution

Transparent & Fair price for your new Ticketing system

No contracts, no hidden fees, month-to-month billing. Fully transparent pricing, billed only for real usage every month.

Ticket Plan

  • Custom Domain
  • E-mail support
  • Contact Forms
  • Forum & Knowledge Base
  • Mobile App

$15 / agent per month

Chat Plan

  • + Ticket Plan
  • Live Chat
  • Visitors Monitoring
  • Chat Invitations
  • Feedback Management

$29 / agent per month

All inclusive Plan

  • + Chat Plan
  • Call Support
  • Video Call
  • Time Tracking
  • Gamification

$39 / agent per month

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Compara los planes

Tique Tique + Chat Todo incluido
Agente ?Purchase at least 1 seat to get started. $15/mes $29/mes $39/mes
Parking de dominio personalizado
Tiques de correo electrónico?LiveAgent grabs all your incoming emails and transforms them into tickets for better access and management.
Formularios de contacto ?Predefined and customizable contact forms can be placed anywhere in your website.
Fusionar tiques ?Merge multiple tickets into 1
Dividir tiques ?Split 1 ticket into 2
Plantillas de correo personalizadas ?Adapt your email templates accordingly to your company, brand, product, country or language
Acciones masivas con los tiques ?Resolve, postpone or delete multiple tickets with one button
Exportar tiques ?Export tickets into CSV with a click of a button
Avisos por correo electrónico ?Email agents and/or customers on updates about their tickets
Campos de tiques personalizados ?Create custom fields for tickets to track additional data
Dividir tiques ?Split 1 ticket into 2
Resolver algoritmo ?Force agents to answer tickets from "To solve button" only.
Respuestas preparadas ?Equip your team with most used sentences by pressing a keyboard shortcut
Reglas y reglas de tiempo ?Automate your workflow with Rules and Time rules
SLA avanzado con informes ?Setup SLAs easily. This feature comes with advanced SLA reporting.
Horario de oficina ?Does your helpdesk operate in specific business hours? Set them up easily.
Tiques internos ?Create internal tickets which can work as tasks for your colleagues
Contactos y grupos de contactos ?Keep information about your contacts and assign them into contact groups
Filtros de correo basura ?Get rid of SPAM with intelligent spam filters.
Archivos adjuntos ?Attach files easily with Drag&Drop
Carga datos desde tu CRM ?Load data about your customers via API
API e integraciones ?Connect LiveAgent with other apps via API or Pre-made integrations
Asistencia multimarca ?Support multiple brands from 1 LiveAgent account, adapt email templates per brand
Informes ?Get advanced reports on tickets, chats, calls, worktime and more
Base de información ?Provide answers even when your agents are offline
Foro para clientes ?Let your customers discuss questions or issues publicly in a Forum
Portal para clientes ?Customizable support portal is a place where your customers can log in and check status of their tickets
Encuesta de satisfacción con los tiques ?Collect feedback from your customers about provided support
Aplicaciones para iPhone/Android
Centro de datos en la UE y EE.UU.
Chat en directo ?Insert a Live Chat button on your website. Copy-paste a short code, no HTML skills required.
Monitorización en tiempo real de los visitantes
Invitaciones al chat
Encuestas de satisfacción con el chat
Gestión de comentarios ?Insert feedback buttons and collect important feedback from your customers.
Asistencia con centro de llamadas?Phone to PC and PC to PC calls are supported with LiveAgent+Twilio integration.
Videollamada?Completely browser based video call, without any 3rd party application. If you need a more personal way of communication with your customers, video chat comes in handy.
Respuesta de voz interactiva?Increase effectivity of your call center by introducing an IVR
Enrutamiento y transferencia de llamadas?Automatically route calls based on intelligent presets. Soft transfer calls to other agents.
Compatibilidad con teléfono de hardware ?Connect LiveAgent with most popular hardware IP phones on the market.
Almacenamiento de llamadas ilimitado ?Store your call voice recordings with no limits
Gamificación ?Award your agents and let them compete between each other. Increase their efficiency.
Configuración del sonido ?Customize or disable any sound that is played in LiveAgent. $5/mes
Facebook ?Complete social media customer support solution. $6/mes
Twitter ?Complete social media customer support solution. $6/mes
Registro de inspección?See timestamps of all changes in the application $9/mes
Buscar y reemplazar ? Search string in every incoming message and Replace it with something else before being displayed or stored in a database. $9/mes
Seguimiento del tiempo?Time tracking lets you track time spent by each Agent supporting customers and thereby gain a deeper visibility on the overall help desk performance. The time spent is tracked automatically for each ticket when this feature is turned on. $19/mes
Uso gratuito de marcas $19/mes $19/mes
Atención al cliente 24/7 24/7 24/7
Configuración de White Glove
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