Keep System simple and efficient

Public institutions are dealing with citizens inquiries every day. Keeping an order in the requests between several tens of departments can be pretty tough. Utilize the power of LiveAgent and solve their requests faster than ever. Digital economy and public institutions play a crucial role in nowadays world. Plus you are making your citizens happy when you are able to help them quicker.

Organize your departments

Government institutions are often managed by answering emails from mail client making it impossible to effectively share communication across employees. Implement LiveAgent, so all of your requests are separated by departments and any new request is added into one email chain without flooding your email accounts.

Prevent confusion

Let’s admit it - no one really likes the completion of tax return documents. They are lengthy and a lot of questions can pop-up in minds of tax payers. Deploying knowledge base with FAQ and relevant content tied with real-time live chat makes a powerful combination.

Switching to LiveAgent has been a major step forward.

We've been able to double the amount of client queries, while simultaneously decrease the worktime.


Financna Sprava


Patricia Macikova, Finančná správa

      Slovak Ministry of Finance

Your Government institution will be in a good company.

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How will your startup & SMB benefit from implementing LiveAgent?

  • Efficient customer service in public sector
  • High security standards and stable operations
  • High level automation & reporting

Efficient customer service

LiveAgent perfectly fits as helpdesk solution for your government organization. If you need to provide fast, accurate and efficient customer service, implementing a multichannel help desk software is essential. Let LiveAgent convert all your incoming communication into tickets for better management and automation.

Highest security standarts

LiveAgent's offers state of the art security standards with latest compliance. Your private communication is safe and encrypted, located within EU or US based on your preferences. LiveAgent is fully GDPR compliant.

Automation and Reporting

Automate repetitive tasks with LiveAgent's advanced automation and action or time triggered rules. Let the system route tickets to the right person or department. Add notes, tags or custom parameters to collect additional data and provide more accurate reports.

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