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What you will learn during the demo
  • How to achieve your business goals with LiveAgent – whether it’s improving customer satisfaction or generating more sales.
  • How LiveAgent works. We’ll give you a tour of the product so you can get an idea of how it is to work with our software.
  • Answers to any questions you may have about pricing, service, integrations, and features.

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy

Andrej Saxon
Sales manager

Frequently asked questions

What is a LiveAgent demo call?

LiveAgent demo call offers a flexible way to discuss your use case and needs from the help desk software with the sales specialist. You can ask questions and get answers about pricing, tools, features, integrations, and much more. It’s a great way to get introduced to our software and get information about how it can benefit your customer support.

Is it possible to invite others from my company to the demo call?

Yes, of course, you can also invite more people - your colleagues or anyone from your company who wants to get to know LiveAgent. Our current limit is 100 people. You can also request a recording of the video calls to go through LiveAgent customer support features later.

Is the demo presentation general or personalized?

This decision is entirely up to you. Demo presentations are always personalized according to your business niche and help desk requirements. You can be sure that our team will always show you relevant features without wasting your time.

How much time should I put aside for the demo?

Demo calls usually take around 30 minutes, but we can be flexible. If you want to see more of LiveAgent’s helpdesk features in action, we can offer additional 5-10 minutes. We can also show you how to integrate other apps with LiveAgent, set up your features, and much more.

Do I need a trial account to schedule a free demo call?

You don’t have to register for a trial before scheduling a demo call, but it’s highly beneficial to do so. Having a trial means that you can try out the features yourself during the demo call. You can request a help desk software demo for free and without any obligation to buy the customer support software. Furthermore, our trial accounts don't require any credit card information during registration.

What is the difference between a demo call, setup session, and training session?

We offer all of the above for free in a different stage of new customer onboarding. The initial demo call is for any page visitor interested to know more about what LiveAgent has to offer and how it can work for specific customer use-case. The setup session will assist you with the initial setup of your free LiveAgent trial account according to your needs. And the training session is to train and help your future LiveAgent admin get fluent in LiveAgent configuration and use.

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