White theme

What is White theme?

The White theme is the name for one of LiveAgent’s agent panel themes. Its ancestor is the original grey theme, which was used to develop a new, white alternative. The design of the white theme is cleaner, however, some customers still prefer using the grey theme. Currently, all new LiveAgent accounts are set with the White theme by default, however, you can change the default theme in Configurations.

Also, Agents can set a theme that they prefer.

LiveAgent White theme ticket overview

Frequently asked questions

How can I change the theme in LiveAgent?

The LiveAgent panel theme can be changed in Configurations. All brand new accounts are set with the white theme defaultly, but you can easily change it.

What are the differences between themes in LiveAgent?

You can choose from three predefined themes: classic, minimalist and montana. You can add your own logo, titles, tracking codes, header and footer, as well as customize buttons, colors.

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Expert note

Using the White theme in LiveAgent provides a clean and professional look, enhancing the customer experience. Consider changing the default theme in Configurations.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
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Depending on your company security policies, you can restrict users such as agents, admins and owners to log on to the Agent Panel.

What is a Whitelist?

This TEXT provides a list of 48 checklists for various business needs such as call center, customer service, HR, marketing, and SEO. The checklists cover different aspects of business operations and are designed to help businesses organize workflows efficiently. LiveAgent offers customer service software, VoIP phone systems, self-service software, inbound call center software, complaint management system, client portal software, email management software, and help desk software for startups. Their website uses cookies to deploy for privacy and cookie policies.

How to contact Elegant Themes's customer service via email, live chat support, phone number, social media support, and self-service support.

Elegant Themes Help Desk Contacts

Elegant Themes offers various customer support channels such as email, live chat, social media, forum, and self-service support. They do not have call center support. Their website provides contact details for their customer service team, support for WordPress themes and plugins, and legal policies such as Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Contact can be made via email, live chat, or social media platforms. Their knowledge base is also available for self-service support.

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