Website Chat

What is Website chat?

Website chat is a build-in widget that provides a real-time chat. It brings conversations to life via video chat, live chat or phone calls. It is a great replacement for an email communication since it is a way faster. Also, better than a phone call as it is not necessary to do a spell check.


How do I integrate a chat box into my website?

In order to integrate chat with your website, you should first get a code that will allow you to implement the chat in the website code. Usually you get this code when you register and subscribe to the selected program. It is important where we embed the code so that we know where the chat will be displayed.

How to install chat feature on WordPress website?

The plugin for the WordPress website itself is free, but you must purchase a subscription to use the chat. After registering and enabling the plug-in, you can make changes to the appearance of the chat window.

What are the advantages to use live chat on my website?

The advantages of using live chat are: 1. the ability to transfer files directly, 2. multi-language support, 3. the possibility of adding another consultant to the conversation to help solve the problem, 4. access from various devices and at different times, e.g. when we are unable to make a phone call, 5. conducting analytics and history of communication with the client, 6. greater marketing opportunities, 7. obtaining information and data about customers, 8. increasing the work efficiency of the customer service team, 9. many customers choose live chat as the best form of communication, 10. possibility of talking during the purchase.

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