Pages viewed per session

What are pages viewed per session?

An article has many pages. If someone comes across your article, the chances are that he might not view all the pages. Some of them might have the content that the person is looking for, therefore the rest of the pages would be useless to view and would be skipped.

Pages viewed by a person are helpful to improve your articles as it shows what the customer is looking for. So, the next time before publishing an article, you can check the content and if you think that your customer does not require certain information, you can remove it.

Frequently asked questions

What does the term pages viewed per session mean?

Pages viewed per session is an indicator that shows the average number of pages viewed per session in your website. The more pages per session, the higher the user engagement rate, which allows your site to be discovered more often.

What should you monitor the pages viewed per session metric?

If you want to monitor data on displayed pages per session, you should track which subpages engage the most and assess what content affects your audience. In addition, the impact of campaigns, marketing and invested funds that may affect page views.

Can you measure pages viewed per session using LiveAgent?

With LiveAgent you can measure viewed pages per session. Thanks to this, you can analyze where customers are staying longer and what engages them the most.

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