Unassigned ticket

What is unassigned ticket?

A Ticket can get unassigned from it’s handler manually by another agent, or by utilising automated rules. In certain scenarios, it’s better for tickets to stay unassigned, yet still belonging to departments or being tagged.

An agent can unassign a ticket by using the Transfer feature and selecting Transfer to: Department; Assign to: Not assigned.

Unassign ticket LiveAgent

Frequently asked questions

How do you define an unassigned ticket?

An unassigned ticket is any ticket that has not been assigned to any agent, either manually, or covered by an automatic rule.


How long should a ticket remain unassigned?

The ticket should be assigned as soon as possible. If this was not done by using an automatic rule, you must manually assign to the appropriate agent. However, there are situations when it is better not to assign a ticket to any agent, then it is important that it belongs to a specific department and that they are marked.


Where in LiveAgent can you access a list of all unassigned tickets?

In LiveAgent, access to all tickets, including unassigned ones, can be found in the Tickets section in the Agent's panel. 


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