What are touchpoints?

Touchpoint is a time where a customer, before or after the purchase, is in contact with your company for various reasons.

A period of time before buying the product, while a customer is searching and looking up different products of your company, is known as a touchpoint.

A period of time after buying the product from your company, when a customer calls for repair or any product related inquiry, is also known as a touchpoint.

Companies must advertise their products in a way that their products receive as many touchpoints as possible. The higher the number of touchpoints a company has, the better it is for them.

Frequently asked questions

What are touchpoints?

Contact points are the time when a customer contacts your company before or after purchasing a given product or service for various reasons, e.g. to learn more about a specific product or to make a complaint.


What are the most typical touchpoints?

The most typical points of contact are communication with customer service via various channels, commenting on social media, leaving ratings and reviews on the web.


Is it possible to assess all touchpoints in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent, you can evaluate all touchpoints that are related to communication channels, thanks to which customers and potential customers can contact your brand.


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