What are Tickets?

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  • "A ticket (also known as an e-ticket or trouble ticket) is an email / chat, usually contained within a issue tracking system which contains information about support interventions made by customers or internal staff."

  • "A trouble ticket (sometimes called a trouble report) is a mechanism used in an organization to track the detection, reporting, and resolution of some type of problem."

  • "A ticket is a communication thread between a customer and company's support staff"

What is a ticket in LiveAgent?

Ticket is a communication thread with your customer and your support staff. Ticket statuses will allow you to control and monitor the resolution process, and based on that you can manage your resources to work on specific issues.

In LiveAgent, every request which comes into the system is transformed to a ticket. That means that all emails, calls, live chats, facebook posts/messages and tweets will be organized and never get behind.



Ticket phases

- New Ticket: This is a ticket that is yet to be opened and dealt with

- Answered Ticket: Once you answer a ticket, it's marked as Answered

- Open Ticket: If your customer responded to your answer, the ticket status changes to Open

- Postponed Ticket: If you postpone a ticket it's marked as Postponed.

- Resolved Ticket: When a ticket reaches its final stage in processing, it's marked as

Statuses "New Ticket" and "Open Ticket" have the highest importance, because they need to be dealt with and resolved first. LiveAgent will automaticilly highlight those tickets and sort them out based on priority.

Did you know: The word "ticket" was first used for medical records for hospital patients, to keep their information organised. That's how e-Tickets were originated.

Tickets phasesTicket Phases

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