Ticket status

What is a ticket status?

Ticket status is also called ticket phase. Through the resolving process, tickets can be assigned with various statuses such as New, Open, Answered, Resolved or Postponed.

– New Ticket: This is a ticket that is yet to be opened and dealt with

– Answered Ticket: Once you answer a ticket, it’s marked as Answered

– Open Ticket: If your customer responded to your answer, the ticket status changes to Open

– Postponed Ticket: If you postpone a ticket it’s marked as Postponed.

– Resolved Ticket: When a ticket reaches its final stage in processing, it’s marked as Resolved

Statuses New Ticket and Open Ticket have the highest importance, because they need to be dealt with and resolved first. LiveAgent will automatically highlight those tickets and sort them out based on priority.

ticket phases on LiveAgent

Frequently asked questions

What is a ticket status?

Ticket status is each stage a ticket goes through in its life cycle. The statuses that can be assigned to the ticket are New, Open, Answered, Resolved or Postponed.


What is a ticket status used for?

The ticket status allows you to assess at what stage a given request is at that moment, whether it has already been opened, whether it has been handled, or whether it is waiting for a solution, because the agent needs more information.


How can you check a ticket status in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent you can check the ticket status in the Tickets section. The status is displayed with each specific ticket.


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