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What is talk?

Talk is a product of one of LiveAgent’s largest competitors. It allows companies to add a voice channel to their support platform. In LiveAgent, the talk, or as we call it Voice is included in the All-inclusive plan. Currently the voice feature works as an integration with Twilio but there will be more possibilities coming onwards.



What is Talk?

Talk is a product of one of LiveAgent's biggest competitors. It allows you to add a voice channel to the support platform. 


What basic features does Talk provide?

Basic functions that Talk provides are BasicTalk service management, voicemail settings, anonymous call blocking, caller ID and ID blocking, as well as call waiting and "do not disturb" information.


Why should you use LiveAgent over Talk?

LiveAgent offers an All-inclusive voice channel under the name Voice. LiveAgent allows you to conduct extensive customer service activities and is an intuitive user-friendly software.


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