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What is a supervisor?

Supervisor is role in a customer service department usually appointed with more rights and responsibilities than a regular agent. In LiveAgent, supervisors have the Admin role and they have access to reports, configurations and setups.

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Who is a supervisor?

A supervisor is a person who works in the customer service department. Usually, they have more rights and obligations than an ordinary agent and supervises the work of a team of agents, and supports their activities and development.


What are the responsibilities of a supervisor?

The supervisor's duties include supervising the work of the customer service team. In addition, it is extremely important that he is able to take care of the development of his team, as well as provide them with working conditions at the highest level.


Is there a way to check a list of supervisors in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent's supervisor is usually assigned the administrator role. To check the list of supervisors, go to the Agents section. There you can check the general details of people with a role such as name, surname and contact.

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