What is a subdomain?

Subdomain is a domain that is a part of a larger domain called the root domain. Because LiveAgent is a cloud based application, every customer LiveAgent account has to have their own specific subdomain. In practice it means that all accounts are installed as subdomains of the root domain

The final subdomain looks like this:

If you don’t like your current domain, you can always ask our support to move your account to a different, available one. You can also park your LiveAgent account on your own domain.

Frequently asked questions

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain that is part of the root domain, it is an additional section of the main domain name. You can have multiple subdomains in your main domain, each with different resources. The subdomains do not have to be joined to the same hosting as the main domain.


Why do you need a subdomain to use LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is a cloud-based application, therefore each LiveAgent customer account must have its own subdomain. In practice, this means that all accounts are installed as subdomains of the main domain


Is it possible to change your subdomain in LiveAgent?

If you want to change the subdomain in LiveAgent, you can ask to transfer your account to another access. You can also assign your LiveAgent account to your own domain.


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