Single sign-on

What is a single sign-on?

By utilizing Single Sign-On (SSO), you can use one set of credentials to log into two or more applications. It works just like your Google account where with the same login credentials, you can access your emails, calendar, drive and the other apps.

Single Sign-on is a useful element as it brings better user experience and convenience. In LiveAgent, customers can utilize SSO with other PHP based web applications like WordPress or Magento.

For example in WordPress, after the administrator of WordPress logs in, he/she can access LiveAgent Agent panel directly from their admin menu.

Frequently asked questions

What is a single sign-on?

Single sign-on is a service that allows for session and user authentication. Allows a user to use a single set of login credentials (name and password) to access multiple applications. 

Is single sign-on secure?

Single sign-on reduces the chance of a hacker attack. The user only logs in once a day and uses one set of credentials for this. This improves security in the organization. If they need a separate password and name for each application, it's less secure.

Does LiveAgent provide a single sign-on option?

LiveAgent has a single sign-on option with other PHP based applications such as WordPress or Magento.

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Expert note

Single sign-on is a secure authentication service that allows users to login to multiple applications using one set of credentials, improving user experience and security.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
SSO is a secure and convenient way to simplify authentication. Save you time and effort by streamlining your login process in LiveAgent.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

OneTone is a customer service enhancement solution that helps reduce ticket handling time and prevent typing errors by offering sentence autocomplete and text template preparation. OneTone also provides concierge migration services from popular help desk solutions. LiveAgent enables remote authentication for greater convenience in remote work. Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers software applications over the internet and offers businesses ready-to-use solutions with benefits that include quick deployment, accessibility, and scalability. LiveAgent provides customer service software, VoIP phone systems, complaint management systems, and email management software for startups. A demo is available, as well as support, data migration, and a change log request for proposal. Quality Unit, LLC provides these products and services, along with terms and conditions, security policy, privacy policy, and GDPR compliance.

OneTone is a help desk extension that can help with sorting tickets, reading customer intentions, or crafting the perfect answers


OneTone is a free customer service enhancement solution that provides sentence autocomplete functionality and the ability to prepare text templates. It can be installed on your browser or directly in LiveAgent, and is a great helper to reduce ticket handling time and prevent typing errors. The benefits of OneTone include improved communication capabilities, better ticket handling time, and saved keystrokes. The OneTone browser extension can be integrated with LiveAgent for sentence autocomplete and template capabilities by installing it from the Google Chrome extension store. Additionally, OneTone offers concierge migration services from most popular help desk solutions.

Multi Knowledge Base allows you to create an unlimited number of customer portals with different information, designs and settings.

Multi knowledge base

The Multi Knowledge Base feature allows companies to create multiple customer support portals with unique designs and content. Enabling it requires making sure the switcher is green and creating an additional knowledge base. Each knowledge base includes articles, forums, feedback boards, and widgets. Pricing for each additional knowledge base is $19. LiveAgent offers resources for creating stylized knowledge base articles with their editor and provides various related resources. Customers can also start a free 14-day trial or schedule a demo. The company offers a range of customer service software, including VoIP phone systems and help desk software for startups.

Open-Xchange is an online collaboration, communication, and productivity software that provides email communication options for businesses.


Open-Xchange is an online communication and collaboration platform that offers fully integrated productivity software. It enables users to integrate message streams from multiple sources and allows for cloud storage. The platform is suitable for small help desk teams and can be integrated with LiveAgent's help desk software for improved customer service. The benefits of Open-Xchange include fully featured email solution, cloud-based collaboration software, contact management, and synchronization. Integration with LiveAgent is done through IMAP/POP3 and is easy to set up.

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