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What is a schedule?

Schedule in terms of customer support terminology usually refers to a timeframe of when your helpdesk operates or in other words, your agents are “online”. In LiveAgent, you can setup specific Business Hours in which your agents operate including time, day of the week or date. If a ticket comes in after business hours, the agents are not accountable for the time after business hours (schedule).



What is a schedule?

The schedule is the time frame in which the customer service center operates, i.e. the hours when agents are online and can answer questions and support customers.


Does LiveAgent provide schedule feature?

In LiveAgent you have the scheduling function available. You can set specific working hours for your agents to work. You can include the time, day of the week, and date. If the ticket is delivered outside of business hours, agents will respond to it during business hours.


How can you set schedules in LiveAgent?

Schedules can be set in the configuration panel in LiveAgent. This can be done by someone acting as an administrator or owner.


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