What is sandbox?

Sandbox is an internal-only LiveAgent account, usually installed as a 14-Day trial. Certain customers can request an extension, if they need to run further tests. In most cases, the 14 day trial period is sufficient.

Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of sandbox?

Sandbox is an account for internal use. It allows you to perform operational tests and check new functions before their public implementation. This solution helps identify potential problems as well as demonstrate action to other people on the team.

Does LiveAgent offer sandbox?

LiveAgent offers a sandbox. Usually it is installed as a 14-day trial version. It allows you to check exactly if everything works the way you want it to work.

Can you extend the sandbox in LiveAgent?

If the 14-day trial version is not enough for you, you can request an extension and continue with the necessary tests. However, in most cases a 14-day period is sufficient.

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