What is a requester?

A requester is a name given to an individual who creates a helpdesk ticket via any channel. He or she is listed as a matter of course among other customers by the helpdesk.

All the tickets, in the main, have data about requesters next to their names. This provides increased context to the people who deal with the tickets in question. It means the ticket handlers are aware if requesters have raised tickets about identical issues in the past, what their level of happiness was with any of these earlier dealings, and how influential they are socially etc.

Frequently asked questions

Who is a requester?

The applicant is the person who creates a request to the helpdesk using any channel available to them.


What are the permissions of a requester?

The applicant is the client. It therefore has all the rights that a customer contacting customer service may have. Depending on what communication channels he uses, he has such permissions (if he contacts via chat, he can, for example, send a file).


Where can you find requester data in LiveAgent?

The applicant's details can be found in the Tickets panel, next to the name in the list. Data that can be found there includes information whether the client has previously contacted customer service or has already reported a report on the same issue, what was the level of service, and how socially influential he is.


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