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Reopen ticket

What does Reopen ticket mean?

Tickets which have been previously closed may be reopened again by customers. It can happen for multiple reasons. The customers might not be fully satisfied with the solution of their issue or they have more questions about it. Therefore it is a good practice for agents to make sure that the customer’s problem was solved properly and there are no more questions regarding it.


What is the definition of reopen ticket?

The ticket is reopened when the client responds to a ticket that has already been closed or the agent changes its status to open.


Is the reopen ticket feature useful?

The ticket reopening function allows you to revisit the topic that was discussed in it. A large number of re-openings usually means that agents are closing the thread too early, possibly before the issue is fully resolved.


Does LiveAgent enable the reopen ticket feature?

At LiveAgent, tickets that were previously closed can be reopened by customers. This may mean that customers are not satisfied with the solution to the problem.


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