Remote authentication

What is remote authentication?

When you want to authenticate your users, you do not have to do it directly in your app. Remote authentication allows your users to log in via outside platforms. These include social media single sign-on providers, like Facebook or Google and Enterprise single sign-on using JSON Web Token (JWT) or Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

Frequently asked questions

What is remote authentication?

Remote authentication is the ability to log in to the application via external platforms. There is no need to create a special account for one platform.

What are the benefits of remote authentication?

Remote authentication allows easier access to the application and a shorter time to set up an account on a given platform. Allows you to troubleshoot remote locations. It facilitates remote work of employees and facilitates cooperation.

Does LiveAgent enable remote authentication?

LiveAgent allows remote authentication. It is a convenience in the agent's work that introduces greater comfort, e.g. in remote work.

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