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Received ticket

What is a received ticket?

The number of tickets that have been generated in a helpdesk in a given time is called received tickets. This is one of the vital elements of a company to monitor. The data helps to analyze the supporting role played by the agents working in the company.

Let’s suppose that the amount of tickets generated and the amount of tickets resolved do not have a huge gap, it means that the support staff is very efficient with their work. You can also analyze the data to see what sorts of tickets are taking more time to be resolved and act accordingly.


What is the definition of a received ticket?

The received ticket is each ticket that has been generated in the help desk. The number of tickets that are generated over a period of time is one of the most important elements of a business to monitor. It allows you to analyze the role of customer service agents.


Who should be responsible for a received ticket?

The agent assigned to it should be responsible for each ticket received. He should be responsible for resolving the case.


How can you access a list of received ticket?

You can access the list of received tickets in the LiveAgent panel in the tickets section. You can freely view and manage your tickets there.


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