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What is a queue?

Queue is the list of messages that your support staff receive. A customer can contact via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, etc., for issues that they are having. The messages will show in the queue. The support team of a company mostly spends time in the queue to help serve their customers better by solving the problems they are encountering.

It is also possible to filter the queue for specific agents. For example, one of the agents might have better knowledge about a certain product, so he will be assigned the issues that he is good at solving. This way, the customer’s satisfaction level will also increase.


What is a queue?

A queue is a list of messages that have been sent by customers to the customer support team. This allows messages to be organized and handled in a specific order. It is also possible to filter the queue for specific agents, e.g. where one agent is skilled in a certain field. This has an impact on the increase in customer satisfaction.


What way can you use a queue to improve customer experience?

Queue management improves the quality of customer expectations. Keeping in line is favored by keeping the user active in waiting. This can be done thanks to multimedia solutions that will engage the customer. In addition, it is important to inform the customer about the waiting time and where to wait. It is also important that the waiting time is not too long to avoid frustration from customers.


How can you check a queue in LiveAgent?

In the LiveAgent panel, you have access to the number of customers who are waiting for live time or for subsequent calls. This is displayed in the top right corner of the panel. If each agent is busy, clients must wait until one of them has space to contact.


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