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What is a priority?

Priority is a parameter that can be assigned to each ticket. It indicates, how important is it to solve the ticket. Priority tells you, whether you need to deal with the ticket immediately or it can wait.

There are four stages of priority: Low, Medium, High and Urgent. Tickets with low priority are the least important and do not need to be solved at the moment, while urgent tickets should be dealt with as soon as possible.


What is a priority?

A priority is a parameter that indicates how important it is to resolve a given request. This parameter can be assigned to each ticket. It lets agents know whether they should deal with a report immediately or whether the report can wait.

Should you use priorities in customer support?

Priorities definitely facilitate work in customer service. It helps to prioritize work, and also points to the most important threads.


Does LiveAgent enable using priorities?

LiveAgent allows you to use four priority levels: Low, Medium, High, and Urgent. Low means the report is the least important and may take a while, while urgent ones should be resolved immediately.


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