Personalized email replies

What are personalized email replies?

If you want to have your name shown in an email address, you can configure this by using personalized email replies. This feature allows you to modify the email address to suit your needs. So instead of having a company or department name shown, the email receiver will see your real name.

Before you add a personal touch to your email, you can use a placeholder. However, don’t forget to edit it before sending the message.

Personalized email replies are usually used in contact with end-users to make communication feel more friendly. When the customers can see your actual name instead of just your position it has a positive impact on their trust in you.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define personalized email replies?

If you want your name to appear in the email address, you can configure this using personalized email responses. This feature allows you to modify the email address according to your needs. Therefore, instead of displaying your company or department name, the recipient of the email will see your real name.


What are the types of personalized email replies?

Personalized email responses may be based on personal information (such as first or last name), but may also relate to specific situations or times when the email was sent.


Does LiveAgent provide personalized email replies?

Personalized email responses are available in LiveAgent. Thanks to this, the approach to the client is individual and the trust of recipients in the company increases.


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Expert note

Personalized email replies create a friendly and personal connection with customers, helping to build trust and loyalty. Use placeholders and edit before sending.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
E-mail is the most preferred way for a customer support. The agent is trained to handle e-mails, also to track, organize, prioritize, and assign e-mails.

E-mail ticketing

Email ticketing is a preferred way for customer support. The e-mail support staff is trained to handle e-mails and track, organize, prioritize, and assign them. To automate the process of assigning tickets, email management software is used. LiveAgent offers a perfect alternative to Outlook and Google with additional helpdesk capabilities. It also offers multichannel integrations and automation.


Placeholders are alternative texts used in email drafts which are edited based on the context of the email. They are useful for email notifications and predetermined responses as they make emails appear more unique. By sending personalized messages using fields such as first name, email address, and custom fields, placeholders help connect better with the audience and create mass messages that automate your work. LiveAgent supports the use of placeholders, enabling agents to personalize messages and support their work. is a Russian internet company and email service. It is one of the largest email providers in Russia and owns a number of popular websites. If you're looking to improve your email communication, you can integrate with the LiveAgent ticketing system for improved customer support. This will allow you to keep customer tickets organized and handle requests faster. The integration process is quick and easy to follow. LiveAgent's ticketing system supports multiple communication channels such as email, live chat, call center, customer portal, and social media.

Responding to emails is an important part of business. Replies are used to get back to people who contacted you. Stay in touch with customers.


The text discusses the importance of thank you emails in building customer relationships and providing personalized appreciation templates. It also emphasizes the value of feedback request emails to improve customer satisfaction and offers email templates for gathering feedback. The text promotes LiveAgent as a customer service solution and invites sign-ups for their service.

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