What are permissions?

With the use of permissions you can manage the access your agents and team members have. Give them authorization only for actions important for their job, while restricting their influence over areas unrelated to their work. Permissions are distributed alongside with roles.

Frequently asked questions

What are permissions?

Permissions allow you to manage your team's access. You can grant them the appropriate permissions. They are assigned directly to specific roles.

What are permissions used for?

Permissions allow you to perform specific tasks in the system. Depending on what role you play in the system, these are your rights. Some roles may have restricted permissions while others may have unlimited permissions.

How can you access permissions in LiveAgent?

The permissions in LiveAgent are closely related to the roles that can be allocated on the system. The agent has the most limited rights, the administrator has the broadest, and the owner has access to billing features in addition to administrator rights.

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Expert note

Permissions are a crucial component in managing team access to important actions while restricting their influence over unrelated work areas. It's distributed alongside roles.

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Andrej Saxon
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The integration of Clockify with LiveAgent is simple and straightforward, and LiveAgent offers various resources and integrations for managing customer support teams, such as Zapier and A Help Center Manager in LiveAgent has control over team activities and can efficiently lead and supervise their team. Clockify is a free time tracker app that can improve productivity and profitability, and integrating it with LiveAgent is easy to do. Overall, LiveAgent provides a range of support features and resources for businesses.

Staff agent is a member of the customer service team with less privileges than a supervisor, team leader or a manager. Staff agent servers a specific role.

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LiveAgent is a customer service software that enables the creation and management of agent groups, allowing for effective handling of inquiries. There are three main agent roles - agent, admin, and owner - each with their own set of privileges. Assigning roles to agents can boost productivity and help provide exceptional customer service. LiveAgent also offers virtual agent groups and various integrations. The software is currently being installed after sign up.

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LiveAgent offers real-time chat support with quick and effective communication adhering to chat rules such as grammar, spelling, and personalized responses. It is currently a popular communication channel between customers and brands. LiveAgent also provides customer service, voicemail, and email management software for startups. The company is currently building LiveAgent dashboards for new signups and uses cookies on its website.

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