What are permissions?

With the use of permissions you can manage the access your agents and team members have. Give them authorization only for actions important for their job, while restricting their influence over areas unrelated to their work. Permissions are distributed alongside with roles.

Frequently asked questions

What are permissions?

Permissions allow you to manage your team's access. You can grant them the appropriate permissions. They are assigned directly to specific roles.

What are permissions used for?

Permissions allow you to perform specific tasks in the system. Depending on what role you play in the system, these are your rights. Some roles may have restricted permissions while others may have unlimited permissions.

How can you access permissions in LiveAgent?

The permissions in LiveAgent are closely related to the roles that can be allocated on the system. The agent has the most limited rights, the administrator has the broadest, and the owner has access to billing features in addition to administrator rights.

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