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Who is an owner?

Every account has an account owner who covers a role of an administrator and manages the account. The ownership of an account can be changed if necessary, but there can be always just a single owner at a time.

The account owner has permission to perform more actions than a regular administrator. These actions include invoicing and payment options.


Who is an owner?

An owner is the person who acts as an administrator and manages the account in the customer support software. They have a number of rights that allow them to supervise and support the work of agents.


What permissions does an owner have?

The owner is authorized to perform all actions in the system. It has more than a regular administrator. These can be activities such as invoicing or a payment option. 


How to change an owner in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent, however, only one person can act as the owner at a time. If there is a need to change the owner, it can be changed.


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