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Overdue ticket

What is an overdue ticket?

Tickets which are considered overdue are those ones that have not yet been resolved in the time allotted by the SLA. When tickets are overdue, the promise the company has made to the customer is broken. There are many reasons for this – miscommunications, dependencies, overworked agents or just frustrated customers.

Before you do anything else, when tickets become overdue you need to mitigate any damage. Agents need to make an apology and give the customer an explanation for the delay. Alternatively, managers can take control and move things along. Whatever the course of action, communicating with the customers and providing a suitable explanation for the circumstances is the first move.


How do you define an overdue ticket?

An unrealized ticket is one that has not yet been resolved within the SLA deadline. There can be many reasons, such as a misunderstanding, too much work for agents, or customer frustration. This does not have a positive effect on the perception of the company's customer service.


What should you do to avoid having too many overdue tickets?

In order to avoid many overdue tickets, you should organize your agents' work well. If the agents are too busy, they may have poorly prioritized or insufficient work priorities and may need to increase the number of jobs. If the matter is complicated, the agent should have a clear path of contact with people who can help us, and in the most difficult cases, the ticket should be taken over by, e.g., a manager. It is also important to apologize to customers for the situation that has arisen.


Does LiveAgent provide a list of overdue tickets?

LiveAgent provides a list of overdue tickets, so that both the agent and the manager have access to the list. This allows for more efficient handling of expired tickets.


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