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What is an organization?

Organizations, so called Companies in LiveAgent, allow you to sort your agents and customers into groups according to their purpose. You can have multiple organizations co-exist at once. For each organization you are able to define views, criteria for assigning tickets, conditions, access to forums and your reports.

It is not mandatory for your users to belong to an organization.

Learn more about Companies in LiveAgent.


What is an organization?

The organizations are the so-called Companies in LiveAgent. This functionality allows you to sort agents and clients into groups according to their purpose.


How can you manage organizations on LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent, you can sort agents and clients by organization. For each, you can define an appropriate view, application assignment criteria, conditions, access to the form, and reports. Membership in an organization is optional. However, by organizing clients into companies, you can follow what specific companies are asking for.


Where can you find information about your organizations in LiveAgent?

All information about the organization can be found in Contacts in the LiveAgent panel.


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