Online tech support

What is online tech support?

Online tech support is assistance provided to customers online (over the Internet.) It helps customers solve technical problems or issues that they are experiencing with electronic devices or software.

How can I offer technical support?

Online tech support can be delivered through different channels, such as email, phone calls, or live chat. However, to provide excellent technical support most businesses utilize help desk software. Help desk software, such as LiveAgent, streamlines customer communications, and provides advanced tools for tech support agents.

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Is tech support hard?

Being an online tech support agent is a challenging job because it requires tons of patience and knowledge. In addition to that, it is often repetitive and under-appreciated, as customers can often be rude and demanding.

What does it take to be an online tech support agent?

Tech support representatives need to have a vast amount of knowledge about the technical specifications of the products and services they provide. In addition to that, techsupport agents need to possess active listening and people skills. They need to be able to understand what the customer wants and be able to patiently guide them towards problem resolution.

What skills does an online tech support agent need to possess?

Techsupport agents need to have a deep understanding of the product their company is selling so they can assist their customers with both simple and complex issues.

As mentioned above, customer representatives also need to have active listening and people skills. It’s also beneficial if techsupport agents are multilingual. That way, they can provide support to more customers in more than one language.

Last but not least, agents need to be able to type fast and without errors. A fast typing speed ensures that customers get answers to their questions quickly. This ensures customer satisfaction, and in turn, improves retention and revenue.

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