Notification templates

What are notification templates?

If you repeatedly send the same kind of notifications, notification templates are just the right thing for you. They allow you to prepare templates, which you can later use instead of having to go through whole process of creating a notification every time. This way you and your team members save a lot of time energy and can focus on other tasks.

Frequently asked questions

What do notification templates mean?

Notification templates are templates that are used to send the same type of notification repeatedly. You don't have to create notifications from scratch every time.


Does your company need notification templates?

Notification templates make the work of the customer service team easier, so it's good for your company to use them. It allows you to automate work and save time, so the team can focus on tasks that are less automatic.


Does LiveAgent provide notification templates?

LiveAgent provides notification templates. You can create and customize them according to your team's needs. You will find them in the LiveAgent panel under the notification settings. 


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