Net promoter score (NPS)

What is net promoter score?

Net Promoter Score is a statistic which indicates your customer’s loyalty. It shows you, how likely is the customer to recommend your services or products to other people. It also helps you discover customers, who are prone to churning.

Net Promoter Score analysis usually includes a series of questions to identify the reason behind your customers behavior, whether they are actively promoting your products or slacking behind.

Brief explanation of NPS

Discover the ins and outs of Net Promoter Score (NPS) and its pivotal role in driving business success. Gain a comprehensive understanding of what NPS is, how it is calculated, and why it holds significant importance for your organization. Explore how NPS has revolutionized the realm of customer service, enabling businesses to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric for assessing customer loyalty of a given company. It is an alternative measure to customer confidence. According to research by Bain & Company, NPS can increase the company's income.

How do you calculate NPS?

To calculate NPS, subtract the percentage of critics from the percentage of promoters. So e.g., if 50% of your respondents were promoters and 20% were critics, then the NPS result is 30%. The higher the percentage, the better for your business.

Can you measure NPS in LiveAgent?

You can measure Net Promoter Score with LiveAgent. As a user, you have access to all the tools needed to conduct surveys and measure customer satisfaction. LiveAgent offers integration with Nicereply. It is a fully customizable customer satisfaction survey tool. It provides many methods of distributing surveys to clients.

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Expert note

NPS is a valuable metric for measuring customer loyalty and likelihood of recommending products. Use it to improve customer service and retain customers.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
Customer testimonials or positive feedback can play nicely along with your reviews. Read and learn how to collect testimonials.

How to collect testimonials

Collecting testimonials is crucial for any company looking to improve their products or services. While negative feedback can help identify areas that need improvement, positive feedback can be used to identify promoters of the brand who are enthusiastic about the product or service. Sending Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to customers on a regular basis and offering incentives for writing reviews or testimonials can increase the likelihood of receiving positive feedback. There are various ways to collect testimonials, such as NPS campaigns or trigger distributions. Testimonials are a powerful tool for demonstrating value to potential customers and improving customer conversion rates.

Metrics also called reports are various types of measurements. There are 3 main categories of metrics. Learn more about them.


Metrics, also known as Reports, are a series of measurements that provide key insights into a business's current performance. These metrics can be divided into time-based, effort-based, and agent activity metrics. By monitoring metrics, a company can identify and improve areas that may be underperforming. Metrics commonly used in customer support include Ticket Volume, Average Response Time, and Customer Satisfaction Score. In LiveAgent, you can measure clients and the work of agents, including Net Promoter Score, Customer Retention Rate, and ticket volume.

Get to know more about caller tracking software. Understand customer support concepts in deepth with simple explanations from professionals.

Caller tracking software

The tracking software used by marketers allows them to understand marketing ROI for each channel, create targeted campaigns, and improve marketing messages. It also helps customer support teams provide better service and handle inbound phone calls effectively. The software provides real-time insights for the entire customer journey. LiveAgent is a customer service software that offers telemarketing and call monitoring options. It also provides communication management software with time and chat embedded tracking features. The LiveAgent platform offers integrations and a glossary with explanations of terminology, including call tag. Sales contacts are available for scheduling a demo.

Start improving your products and services by reviewing customer service reports regularly. Put our reports to the test with our free trial.

Customer service reporting

Customer service reports provide an overview of customer service requests and related activities, offering insights into team performance and areas for improvement. Regularly reviewing these reports is essential for improving business practices, products, and services while meeting customer needs and expectations. LiveAgent offers 11 customer service reporting features, including analytics overview, performance reports, agent rankings, tag reports, and SLA compliance reports. Additional features that help monitor customer service include email and Slack notifications, Twitter integration, and third-party integrations such as Nicereply. By reviewing customer service reports and analytics, businesses can improve their service, allocate resources more effectively, and identify areas for additional training.

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