What is multibrand?

Multi-brand add-on enables you to manage more than one brand at the same time. Each brand is characterized by multiple factors, which define it’s identity. These factors are email support addresses, Help Center, various widgets and plugins. Social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter, also help you form your brand.

Frequently asked questions

What does multibrand mean?

Multi-brand is an add-on to customer service software that allows you to manage and implement customer service of various brands within a given company with one system. Each brand is different and has different features, such as helpdesk, support email addresses, widgets, plugins, and social media platforms.

What are the benefits of using multibrand?

The benefits of multibrand include the ability to add multi-brand support email addresses, the ability to create help centers, add web widgets, configure phone numbers, and most of all, support multiple brands in one place.

Is it possible to use the multibrand feature in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent you have the option of using the multibrand feature. It allows multi-channel service and management of various brands in one place. You can easily configure everything.

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