What is a markdown?

Markdown is a simple markup language. It’s advantage is that it can be easily converted to HTML or other similar language. Markdown is most commonly used to format files, write messages in forums online and add images to text.

Frequently asked questions

What is a markdown?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language. It is used to add formatting elements to plain text documents. It is one of the most popular markup languages in the world. When creating a Markdown string, you add Markdown syntax to your text to indicate which words and phrases should look different.

What are the advantages of markdown?

The main advantage of Markdown is that, unlike the WYSIWYG editor, it does not require clicking buttons to get the desired formatting. Moreover, it is not limited by the design of the software developers. Markdown can be extended with additional functions tailored to your needs. It works great with pages and documents that are not very complex and will not be used in many places.

Is markdown used in LiveAgent?

Markdown is used in LiveAgent. Thanks to that, LiveAgent users can properly add formatting elements to text documents. 

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