IT support

What is technical support?

There are many types of customer support. One of them is IT support, also known as a technical support, which is a technical help to customers. It is provided by well-skilled computing experts. Companies can employ their own IT support representatives or they can have a contract with another IT support company.

Block hours, Managed services, Time and Materials (also called as Call in) are the main types of IT support. Time and Materials is a very common type of support, where customers pay for materials and the technician based rate. In Block hours, customers pay for a certain time (hours), which they can use.

Frequently asked questions

What does IT support mean?

IT support is providing support in the field of information technology. Typically, it involves cases involving computers, laptops, and software and applications. IT support is designed to provide direct technical assistance.


What are the elements of IT support?

There are many IT support elements. The first one may include interdependent service support processes that have different goals depending on the area of service provision they concern. Another element is  automated configuration management, which allows you to maintain information about the status of devices and applications located throughout the IT infrastructure and the ability to support multiple IT operations. The third element is the ability to collect data that allows local information to be collected and sent to a central repository. 


What are the benefits of IT support?

The benefits of the IT support include lower operating costs, as well as lower labor costs, better business orientation, lower risk of activities, it also allows for the development of resources, increases the efficiency of customer service and handling emerging problems, as well as the effectiveness of customer service.


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