IT service desk

What is an IT service desk?

IT Service desk is a single point of contact between a service provider and service user. A typical service desk manages incidents and requests for service and solves communication with users. The basic duties that the service desk must ensure are handling all requests from service users and secure their equipment and restore standard service traffic in the event of downtime as quickly as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define an IT service desk?

IT Service Desk is the main point of contact between users and an organization offering IT services or solutions. It is a common point of contact that manages incidents and service requests, and handles communication with users for things like downtime or planned changes to the services offered.


What features every IT service desk should have?

The functionalities that will certainly be useful in every IT service desk is importing users to the help desk application, converting messages to a ticket, segregating incidents, assigning them to a technician, extracting solutions from the knowledge base, as well as automating the team's workflow.


Does LiveAgent provide an IT service desk?

LiveAgent obviously provides IT support. It is one of the most important services that is mandatory for IT products.Thanks to this, in case of problems, you can quickly contact technical support who will provide advice and help solve the problem.


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