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What are holidays?

Set holidays in your LiveAgent, when you are not actively working. They have no influence on any metrics recorded in business hours, since they are counted as outside of business hours. Any number of holidays can be scheduled during the year.

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What is the definition of holidays?

Holidays are specific dates when customer service is not actively working. Thanks to their definition, both clients know at what times they should not communicate, and the system knows when it should not register data as employees.

How to set holidays in LiveAgent?

The administrator is responsible for setting holidays on LiveAgent. You can set working hours in the system, thanks to which customers can contact according to the schedule. Not every company is able to provide 24/7 help desk. You set up LiveAgent's working hours at the SLA level so that they only take action during specific time periods.

Who can set holidays in LiveAgent?

Holidays in LiveAgent can be set by the system administrator, who knows what hours and days his support team should work. Thanks to this, both the system and customers know when customer service is working.

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