Happiness report

What is a happiness report?

A happiness report is a report generated by the company, which shows how happy the customers are with their products and services.

The happiness report is influenced not only in monetary terms but also the quality of the products and the after-sale service that is provided. Often, after purchasing a product, you seem to notice a fault in the product and you consult the customer service for help. Your experience with their support system also influences how good the happiness report of a company is.

The better the happiness report of a company, the more the company is believed to take care of its customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is happiness report?

A Happiness Report is a report that shows how satisfied your customers are with your products and services. It is most often generated by the company the report concerns. It takes into account not only the use of products and services, but also the degree of satisfaction with customer service. 

Who should review happiness report?

The happiness report should definitely be viewed by employees of the company that this report concerns. It will show them where their strengths are, but also where their weaknesses are. If the reports are public, it is worth reading the competitors' reports. Thanks to this, we know what we can do well and what is better to avoid. Customers who want to make a specific purchase of a product or service can also read the report.

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