Free web chat

What is a free web chat?

Free web chat is a system designed for communication between two or more people in real time over the Internet. Free web chat does not require a special chat software – users use just an accessible web interfaces, so it requires just a web browser. It is, of course, completely free for every user. It allows users to exchange text or voice messages with other users at the same time. It is a fast, simple and easy way of communication.

Frequently asked questions

What is free web chat?

Free web chat is a communication channel that allows contact between two or more people. It does not require specialized chat software. Interfaces are available in the web browser. As the name suggests, chat is completely free for any user.

Does every business need free web chat?

It is not a compulsion, but if you want your customer service to be at the highest level and you want to stay ahead of the competition, you should implement it in your company. It allows the customer to obtain an answer to the question in real time, thanks to which his satisfaction with service is higher than if he wanted to contact us through another channel. In this way, relationships with customers are built, which also translates into sales. In addition, thanks to the chat, the company can install customer movements on the site.

Does LiveAgent provide free web chat?

LiveAgent of course offers free web chat. It is one of the main communication channels most liked by customers. The free live chat application that LiveAgent offers is the fastest widget on the market that can be customized according to your needs and the language of communication.

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