Dynamic content

What is a dynamic content?

Website content that frequently changes according to the need of the viewer is known as dynamic content.

When a customer makes any request on the web page, the application works in a way that the content generated and portrayed on the screen, is based on the preferences of the customer. This helps the customer have a good experience.

All previous visits by a single customer can help modify the content that the user would prefer seeing. It is very helpful as a language support system, as the content automatically changes to the language of the customer who is viewing it.

Frequently asked questions

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content is all internet and digital content that changes depending on what data we have at our disposal, as well as depending on the behavior and preferences of the user. They can be published in text, video, audio or mixed form. For example, YouTube algorithm displays materials according to the user's preferences.

Do customers value dynamic content?

Customers value dynamic content because they feel that the content is tailored to their interests and preferences, and also addressed directly to them. Most social media work on this principle, but such content also appears on websites or in customer service.

Can you use dynamic content in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent you can use dynamic content. Then it changes depending on the viewer's needs. The customer's previous visits to the website help in selecting the content. It works great as a language support system as the content changes to the language of the client browsing the site.

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