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Due date

What is a due date?

Due by time is the duration of time in which a ticket must be settled without the infringement of the service level violation (SLA) policy. Automatic systems are kept in place to send an alert email to the manager if a ticket is not rectified in time.

The due by time of a ticket is placed right next to it. The due by time of a ticket can be changed provided that the customer is happy with it. ‘Response due’ tickets are those that violate the response time, while ‘Overdue’ tickets are those that violate the resolution time. This way, employees can use filters to know which tickets need to be resolved.


What is due date?

Due Date is the data validity period. More precisely, this means the date by which a given ticket must be billed, without violating the service level violation (SLA) policy. If the system detects that the ticket will not be settled within the required time, notifications are sent via e-mail to the manager.

How to check due date in LiveAgent?

To check the due date in LiveAgent you need to log into the system. In the Navigation Panel you will find the option regarding the validity of each ticket. It is extremely important to redeem each ticket on time. This has a huge impact on the perception of customer service by consumers.

Who should manage due dates?

The dates of individual tickets should be managed by the agent responsible for them. However, general monitoring should be carried out on an ongoing basis by the Customer Service Team Manager, who is directly responsible for the team's activities and the implementation of the tasks to be performed.

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