Customer service supervisor

What is a customer service supervisor?

Customer service supervisors are those personnel who delegate tasks and monitor the work of the agents. They are also responsible for the training and hiring of the agents and make sure that the people who come into the company become an asset.

A customer service supervisor needs to make sure that the customer service provided is up to the mark and does not lack any essential needs that the customer might need. He needs to ensure that the customer is not disappointed after contacting the customer service agent. The customer should be satisfied, and the supervisor needs to ensure that.

Frequently asked questions

Who is a customer service supervisor?

Customer Service Supervisor is a person who is responsible for supervising customer service and its efficient functioning. May be responsible for the supervision of service representatives or the entire team. An important role of the Customer Service Supervisor is also the creation of customer service rules and procedures.

What skills should a customer service supervisor have?

Customer Service Supervisor should have several important skills - both soft and hard. Should be able to use means of communication with different people. He should also be patient and empathetic, so he can put himself into the client's and employee's shoes. He should also exhibit diplomatic skills that will help with problem solving, as well as technical skills. It is also extremely important for him to have extensive knowledge of the products and services offered by a given organization.

Can you add customer service supervisor in LiveAgent?

You cannot add the Customer Service Supervisor role to LiveAgent, but you can give the person with this role a more important role in the system (like administrator or owner). Thanks to this, he will have broad access to the data of individual agents, clients and relevant reports.

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